Why are you called "Anxiety Productions"? 

I started making things as a way to manage my anxiety, stress, and ADHD. These are the products made from my anxiety. 

Are your stickers dishwasher safe? 

Yup! I've tested them just about every way you can imagine. 

Do these stickers peel off easily? Do they leave any residue?

Yes and no, in that order. I'm actually kind of surprised by how cleanly they can be removed. If you're careful, you can remove and restick them without damaging them (but no guarantees!). 

How big are your stickers?

Most of the stickers in the shop are 3" on their longest edge. There are a handful (the long and thin ones, like "relax your shoulders") that are 4" wide. 

The stained glass pumpkin is 2" wide because it's a clear sticker, which is a little more expensive to produce.

Individual sizing information is currently being added to each sticker's listing details.

I bought a sticker from you that I love, but I don't see it in your shop anymore. Is it gone forever?

There's probably a reason why I chose to stop selling it (e.g. it didn't sell well), but I can always produce some more by request. Just reach out.

How long will it take my order to arrive? 

I send standard orders out within 3-5 business days, so you can expect to receive them in 1-2 weeks. Due to delays related to COVID-19 outside of my control, it is possible that it may take longer. Rush options are available. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes! When you check out, you can choose between several international shipping options. If you'd like to keep shipping costs low, you can choose the "economy international" option, which is only 2 USD. However, be advised that there is no tracking with this service (it's a stamp).

Do you do commissions and/or custom designs? 

Yes! I LOVE making custom stickers. I've also made custom designs for non-sticker purposes as well, including save-the-dates, digital images, and general-purpose swag. Feel free to get in touch and I'll give you more info. 

Can I sell your stickers in my store? / Do you sell wholesale?

I would absolutely love that. Message me directly for wholesale pricing.