My Office Gadgets and Gizmos

I present to you, a tour of the things around my office that makes things a little bit easier on me.

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Sticker Storage and Production

 stickers placed on acrylic shelves

I display my stickers on my wall behind me so I can access them easily. I use these clear acrylic floating shelves.

I kind of have an acrylic thing going, if we're honest. I keep my shipping supplies on my desk in this acrylic makeup organizer and I sort my different sticker papers in an acrylic file folder mounted to the wall.

I print my mailing labels using a Rollo thermal printer, which was a Christmas gift and I'd be lying if I said I didn't still get a little excited every time it goes. It just feels so high-tech and professional even though I know it's just a printer. I'm a geek about these things, okay? I use these 4x6 labels with it, which I store on this label holder

For trimming stickers and prints, I use this rotary trimmer, which was one of the first things I bought when I made a few sales because I had been using a much cheaper guillotine-style one that was the bane of my existence.

Techie Stuff

Between online teaching, product photos, and making TikToks and such for the store, I've been incentivized to improve my tech situation. It doesn't help that my apartment is practically a cave with virtually no lighting. 

I bought this collapsable light as soon as I needed to start teaching online and I still use it every time I'm on a Zoom call or shooting a TikTok or anything like that. Same for this tripod, which is nice because the one I had before was way too light and rickety. I just recently got this adjustable phone holder which is nice because it allows me to shoot close ups of things on my desk. I wish I had gotten it sooner, honestly. 

For product photos, I got this studio light box for Christmas. IT. IS. AWESOME. Taking decent product photos has always been a nightmare for me and this is a game changer. 

Finally, two other things that make my life a lot easier. First, this usb docking station has seriously reduced the amount of clutter on my desk which is amazing for my mental health. Finally, I use this tiny rechargeable fan to cool off because I am a sweaty monster and am always fogging up my glasses and such when I'm about to get on Zoom or shoot anything. What can I say? We need to accommodate for our weaknesses.